Amazon Cloud Drive Announces Unlimited Storage ...

Amazon Cloud Drive Announces Unlimited Storage …

March 26, 2015

Amazon Cloud Drive has changed its storage plans with two more simple and unlimited models.

Unlimited Photos allows you to upload all the photos you want through its web interface or from its application for Android or iPhone for USD $ 11.99 per year, in addition to adding 5GB to upload videos.

While the Unlimited Everything option becomes one of the few unlimited cloud storage systems, with no file or capacity limit. It will cost USD $ 59.99 per year and you can upload any kind of file.

With this move, Amazon Cloud Drive becomes one of the cheapest services compared to its competitors, that even without taking into account the unlimited file capacity, the annual price is still better than many top-level competition.

via Amazon Cloud Drive allows unlimited storage for USD $ 60 per year – FayerWayer.

Image: Bedrin via Shutterstock

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