Amazon accelerates to compete with Apple in the sector ...

Amazon accelerates to compete with Apple in the sector …

February 22, 2014

amazon set-top boxAmazon plans to launch this new product on the market next March, a set-top box, about which so much has already been written. The date of its presentation is considered and justified: it wants to anticipate the more than probable announcement of a new Apple TV update by those from Cupertino. Some sources post this release in April.

The American company, which has established itself as a benchmark in e-commerce and cloud computing services, has long been preparing its entry into the sector of set-top boxes, also known as television receivers or decoders. They are equipment that fulfills the function of receiving and, in some cases, decoding the television signal or another type of broadcast. In this field, it will have to stand up to the current dominators: Apple TV and Roku.

via Amazon Accelerates to Compete with Apple in Set-Top Box – Silicon News.

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