Almost 500 internet sites "knocked down" in Venezuela ...

Almost 500 internet sites “knocked down” in Venezuela …

March 20, 2014

internet blocking venezuelaInternet censorship in Venezuela has been gaining space, digital terrain and, of course, affecting millions who for a long time cannot know what is happening in the country by turning on the radio, television and, recently, through the printed media, many still firm but without much space due to the scarcity of paper.

Since last November, when the regulator Conatel issued precise instructions to Internet service providers in the country to block web pages through threats of losing their concessions, to date, more than 470 web pages that disturbed them have been blocked, including Accesses related to the price of the dollar on the black market should already be free because the Law was repealed and a series of websites where the national government and its policy of acting in the country were openly criticized.

But in recent weeks the requests for blocking from the national government have deepened and, to date, of the total blocked, according to unofficial sources, more than 280 domains, most of them related to the DollarToday page, which refers to the value of the dollar. In the black market, they have been affected, as well as a long list in which there are also pages such as,,,,, as well as blogs, among which stand out liberal-Venezuelan, venepirámides, info-veraz, as well as direct access to NTN24’s live signal on YouTube and DTV’s on Ustream.

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