All the «Government online» of Venezuela in one app

All the «Government online» of Venezuela in one app

January 19, 2015

It is a mobile government application, which in a few steps, through cell phones, it is possible to access the directory of Venezuelan institutions and the procedures and services available, highlighting the most visited ones.

Created by the National Center for Information Technology (CNTI), it has a variety of options, including contact information on ministries and institutions, as well as being an open window to send comments, doubts or suggestions to the Venezuelan government.

Government Online is easy to use

This application has a menu that can be easily managed since there are basically three main options that give you access to all the information regarding the national government.

Option 1: Directory

The executive, legislative, judicial, electoral, citizen, state and municipal powers are shown in addition to the National Security Organ, which each has assigned the corresponding ministries and organizations, where you can view the contact information such as the name of minister or group leader, the address of the entity in the Venezuelan capital, telephone numbers and website.

Option 2: Procedures

As its name indicates, in this section you will find all the precautions to make the most common requests such as certification of study notes, proof of boundaries, old-age pension, and many others in which you can view the list of requirements as well as others. data of interest.

Option 3: Government

In this last election there is a short questionnaire where you must place the name of the person who will write, then mark the option “general or information” according to what you would like to communicate to the representatives of the government of Venezuela. Finally, in “write” the problematic and finally it is given to send.

The application has two forms of access, its browser version, available for all cell phones, of any range, brand and technology, with the ability to browse the Internet and an Android web application.

Web version:

1.- Enter the browser from your cell phone

2.- Write the electronic address http: //

3.- On the main page of Online Government, a search option will be displayed along with the list of procedures and services.

Version for Android phones

Available for cell phones with Android operating system from version 2.1.

1.- Available in the Google Play application store: Government online

2.- In search include the word Government Online or go to the Category Applications Society

3.- Download the application

4.- Enter the application and from the main page of Online Government you can navigate in the directory, the procedures or simply get in touch with your Online Government. When entering the application it is not necessary to be connected to the Internet.

via Diario El Periodiquito – Access «Online Government», the app with all the procedures, offices and contact of public entities.

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