All-in-one PC without keyboard that scans objects in 3D

All-in-one PC without keyboard that scans objects in 3D

October 29, 2014

Sprout is not a device that is going to catch on with home consumers. Your most likely audience is design professionals and businesses. Nonetheless, it has some universal attractions. In essence, it is a workstation that combines a PC with a monitor, a video projector, and a 3D scanner. Although a keyboard and mouse can be attached to it, the integrated work interface is a touch pad that also serves as a platform for the scanner.

Above the 23-inch LED monitor we find a kind of oversized webcam that actually hides the scanner and a DLP projector. The latter is used to display images on the bottom surface, including, for example, a virtual keyboard. The most conventional of the HP Sprout are its guts, animated by an Intel Core i7 processor and 1TB of storage space.

The ability to work on the work surface as if it were a second touch screen is interesting, but even more interesting is the fact that HP Sprout allows you to manipulate 3D objects in real time. We simply put an object on the platform, and the team scans it and allows us to manipulate it, duplicating the results on the screen. This is made possible by a quad-camera system and the Intel RealSense 3D platform that the processor maker unveiled at CES this year.

via HP Sprout: the keyboardless all-in-one PC that scans objects in 3D.

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