Alexa will now express joy or disappointment in her res ...

Alexa will now express joy or disappointment in her res …

November 27, 2019

People who regularly chat with Alexa may be interested to know that Amazon’s voice-activated digital assistant will soon put a lot more sentiment in your responses. In a post on the Alexa Skills Blog this week, Amazon’s Catherine Gao says the latest update introduces two new skills, emotions and speaking styles, designed to create “a more natural and intuitive voice experience” for people who They use the digital assistant.

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It means that, when appropriate, the attendee should soon respond to your questions with a more realistic happy or excited tone, or one that conveys disappointment or empathy. The new capabilities have just reached US developers, and more countries are expected to get the functionality soon. Gao notes that emotional responses are particularly relevant to sports games and activities with Alexa. In the event that someone answers a trivia question correctly or wins a game, Alexa can now answer happily or excitedly. The digital assistant can also use a disappointed or empathetic tone. This is if someone asks for their favorite team’s sports score and Alexa has to deliver the devastating news they lost.

Catherine Gao from Amazon says

“Early customer feedback indicates that overall satisfaction with the voice experience increased by 30% when Alexa responded with emotions.”

“The news and music speech styles adapt the Alexa voice to the respective content, by changing aspects of speech such as intonation, which words are emphasized, and the timing of pauses.” “Listening tests revealed that the style of music was perceived as 84% ​​more natural than the standard Alexa voice. Meanwhile, the style of the news was considered as 31% more natural.

Anything that makes Alexa sound more natural has to be a good thing. These changes should pave the way for more realistic and meaningful exchanges with the digital assistant. Just don’t start to believe that you are talking to a real person.

Source: Alexa Gets More Emotions And Speech Styles For Realistic Exchanges | Digital trends

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