Alert!  The future Facebook "I don't like" button ...

Alert! The future Facebook “I don’t like” button …

September 21, 2015

Scammers are willing to use the popularity of Zuckerberg’s future network utility as bait to fool the platform’s most innocent (novice or uninformed) users.

Specifically, they are dedicated to offering a presumed dislike button, an advertisement in which they include a link designed to spread throughout the virtual community and that, theoretically, would provide victims with early access to said option. Obviously it doesn’t.

Heading the fraudulent message is the following text: “Get the new introduction to the Facebook dislike button on your profile.” Could not miss the addition of “only for guests” in the description or, of course, the typical “this invitation expires in X seconds”.

The link, as reported by Hackread, will not only share the ad on our timeline, but will also give scammers the ability to collect personal information and could even install malware on our computer.

Source: Careful! This is the new Facebook “dislike” button scam

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