Microsoft warns about dangerous threat against Word ...

ALERT: Microsoft warns of serious threat in Wo …

March 25, 2014

Microsoft Office Word 2010

Microsoft has released through its official blog an emergency notice due to a security hole around files with the extension .rtf (Rich Text Format). Apparently, and always according to Redmond technology, an undetermined number of hackers are attacking computers through the format, which can be opened with any version of the Microsoft Word word processor, as well as with the Outlook mail manager. At the moment, the bulk of the attacks are being received in the version of Word that was marketed with the Office 2010 package.

Microsoft also acknowledges in the statement that it still does not have a definitive solution to the problem, so it proposes, as an emergency measure, not to open .rtf files while the security window is open.

The security threat detected is one of the worst. By executing the threatened file, hackers would have the ability to remotely execute malicious code, ultimately gaining control of the affected machines. This means, broadly speaking, that information such as bank accounts or mail would be compromised. There is also the risk that the bug will be used to create a network of zombie computers, which are generally used to commit fraud or send spam.

via Caution: Microsoft warns of a hacker attack on Word and Outlook – Technology News.

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