Alcatel Onetouch presents POP 2 family with five ta ...

Alcatel Onetouch presents POP 2 family with five ta …

September 6, 2014

Alcatel Onetouch presented at IFA 2014 on its second day of development in Berlin, Germany, the Alcatel Onetouch POP 2 family, offering a wide variety of sizes, colors and multimedia functions, demonstrating its commitment to democratize the LTE market with the launch. of the most complete product portfolio in smartphones with basic functions.

“Our POP series makes the user experience fun, easy and accessible for everyone,” said Dan Dery, Executive Director of Marketing at Alcatel Onetouch. “These devices offer an option for every need, be it playback, navigation or content creation. The Alcatel Onetouch POP 2 family keeps this tradition alive. “

Alcatel Onetouch POP 2: LTE for everyone

Powered by the new generation Qualcomm LTE processor, the Alcatel Onetouch POP 2 offers ultra-fast playback, browsing and multitasking, and is equipped with advanced features such as a download accelerator that uses two network connections – 4G LTE and Wi-Fi – to obtain unprecedented download speed.

This device also offers useful functions such as one-finger zoom, a mini-apps application that allows you to use your phone’s applications without having to open them, a function that reads QR codes through the camera, and a Wi-Fi display, which allows users to send images from their phone to a larger screen.

The Alcatel Onetouch POP 2 is also available in a Premium Edition, with high-end sophisticated materials and two sizes of 4.5 and 5 inches.

Alcatel Onetouch POP 8S: LTE connectivity at a smart price

This family also includes the eight-inch Alcatel Onetouch POP 8S tablet, which offers LTE speed at a smart price. Super slim and lightweight, this entry-level 4G tablet adds a splash of color with its accessories and is perfect for playing music, watching TV or browsing.

The Alcatel Onetouch POP 8S is the most competitive entry-level tablet on the mass market. At just 7.9mm thick and weighing 309 grams, it is ideal for carrying in your backpack or handbag. Powered by a Quad-Core processor, this tablet enables optimal multitasking between gaming, music playback, and browsing; equipped with a five megapixel (European Union) or three megapixel (Latin America and the United States) rear camera to capture precious moments anywhere.

Smart features and useful accessories include support for voice calls and dedicated TV apps, offering users a connected and immersive experience. Like the rest of the Alcatel Onetouch POP 2 family, it demonstrates Alcatel Onetouch’s commitment to democratizing the 4G LTE experience.


The Alcatel Onetouch POP 2 family will be available in Latin America at the end of 2014.

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