Alcatel OneTouch launches 3 new devices at # MWC15

March 4, 2015

At the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, ALCATEL ONETOUCH has presented three new devices: the Wi-Fi LINK line, the 5.5-inch PIXI 3 smartphone and the 7-inch PIXI 3 tablet.

Wi-Fi LINK: Offers high-speed Wi-Fi where users require it. These mobile hotspots allow users to connect their laptops, tablets or any other Wi-Fi compatible device to the mobile network of their choice, from a maximum of 10 devices for the 3G unit to 32 devices for the LINK 4G +.

Small enough to fit perfectly in a pocket and compatible with all Wi-Fi devices, the LINK series from ALCATEL ONETOUCH boasts download speeds of up to 300 Mbps (4G +), 150 Mbps (4G) or 21 Mbps (3G) . The LINK 4G + offers a selection of configurations, including both an LCD screen, which shows all the information users need at a glance, and an LED screen, for an easier user experience.

The LINK series is available with two dedicated, removable batteries for each of these configurations (1800 mAh and 3600 mAh).

Personalization and Convenience In addition to choosing the connectivity they require, users can choose the number of devices they want to connect, from a maximum of 10 devices for the 3G unit to 32 devices for the LINK 4G +.

The entire LINK line is available in black / ash gray or cool white / gray, to suit users’ personal style.

PIXI 3 Smartphone (5.5 ″): Offers 3G + and 4G connectivity, a powerful quad-core processor and a large HD screen, optimal for multimedia use.

“The newest member of our PIXI 3 family is an easy-to-use 5.5” Smartphone that offers a fast and immersive streaming experience thanks to a powerful CPU and a large screen, ”commented Dan Dery, Marketing Director of ALCATEL ONTOUCH. “It is the ideal Smartphone for someone looking for a wide variety of options without breaking a budget.”

The huge HD screen of the ALCATEL ONETOCUH PIXI 3 (5.5 ”) that provides a Digital Television option, is combined with a long battery life that will not leave users in the middle of a game or without seeing the exciting ending of a movie . Preloaded games offer users instant access to hours of fun and the Android Operating System offers easy access to the app store

PIXI 3 Tablet (7 ″): Compact and highly portable, available with 4G LTE, 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity. The new and very affordable PIXI 3 tablet makes mobile internet highly accessible and is slim enough to slip easily into a pocket.

The PIXI 3’s Wi-Fi display (7 ”) allows users to go from a small display size to a larger one in no time, easily streaming tablet images to a larger screen.

The 4G version works with Android Lollipop, while the 3G and Wi-Fi versions run Android 4.4. GPS is available in 3G and LTE versions, while a mobile feature is available in all three, allowing an audio player or mobile phone to act as a server.

In addition, for the tablet with Lollipop Operating System, it allows to have multiple accounts for multiple users, to share the device safely with the whole family.

The PIXI 3 (7 ”) also offers headphone mode, so users can answer calls on their tablet, without the need for another device.

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