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October 1, 2014

Alcatel OneTouch maintained its position as the second best-selling mobile device brand in Latin America, according to figures registered by IDC’s Latin America Quarterly Mobile Device Tracker in the second quarter of 2014. These figures, added to those obtained during the first quarter of the year, they show the sustained growth of the brand and the consolidation of its position in the region.

According to the analyst firm’s report, during the second quarter of 2014 Alcatel OneTouch achieved record sales results for the region by reporting 5,846,484 units sold and a market share of 12.7%. This represents an increase of 25.4% in sales and 2.8 percentage points of market share, with respect to the same period of the previous year.

Alcatel One Touch presents the new smartphone in Hong Kong For Alcatel OneTouch, Latin America has become a highly strategic region for the company’s worldwide results, due to the exponential growth that it is presenting both in sales, as well as in positioning and in the size of the potential market. Proof of this is that in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Central America and the Caribbean, Alcatel OneTouch reached the first place in sales of mobile devices during this second quarter, according to data from the same study, while Chile ranked second place in the accumulated of the first semester of this year. Countries such as Argentina, Brazil and Peru have also exhibited accelerated growth in positioning and market share, being among the five preferred brands of mobile device users in each of them.

alcatel-one-touch-fireAfter 20 years of presence in the market, users find in Alcatel OneTouch increasingly individualized products, which satisfy the most demanding user and with increasingly specific needs. Its equipment is conceived and manufactured based on five guiding principles: commitment to quality in processes and waste management; Manufacturing and Research and Development; excellence in design; approach and fun with your clients; and social commitment to the communities where it takes place.

Christian Gatti, General Manager and Vice President for Latin America and the Pacific of Alcatel OneTouch, highlighted that “with more than 11 million units sold, this first half of the year has meant for Alcatel OneTouch a great period of sustained growth and positioning. This has allowed more clients and consumers in the region to know and experience the style and differentiated technology of our products, under our “smart move” platform.

“We are very pleased and grateful to our clients for giving us the opportunity to bring our mobile devices such as smartphones, feature phones, tablets and other connectivity equipment to all Latin American markets and for all tastes and economies. Likewise, for allowing us to provide the Latin American mass market with LTE connectivity through the best relationship “technology, design and price” of our products, guaranteed by the basic promise of ease of use. Thanks to this confidence we have managed to strengthen our second position in sales in Latin America and even more so, we have reached first place in key markets such as Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Central America and the Caribbean ”, concluded Gatti.

The IDC’s Latin America Quarterly Mobile Device Tracker study, corresponding to the first quarter of 2014, includes information on key markets in the region, including countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, the Caribbean, Central America and the rest of Latin America, countries where ALCATEL ONETOUCH has an active presence.

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