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January 26, 2015

A headline like this would no longer be news due to the number of occasions in which this platform for video and web apps faces security problems … If it were not for the dangers it entails. This time the hole affects the latest version of the Flash web plug-in and there have already been attacks taking advantage of this hole. Adobe has been quick to release an update that fixes this problem, which can now be downloaded from the company’s official website.

The American company has already released an update for Internet Explorer between version 6 and version 9, and in the next few days it should release the patch for Internet Explorer 10 and Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.

Everything indicates that cybercriminals are using this hole to enter the victim’s computer and install malicious malware. In the worst case, a successful attack would allow the cybercriminal to remotely take control of the computer and perform actions such as stealing the user’s personal data or using the victim’s PC to send spam.

Adobe recommends installing the new version of this web plug-in as soon as possible, in the event that the update does not arrive automatically on the computer. If you want to check which version of Adobe Flash you have installed, you can do so on the Adobe page.

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