A third of wearable users say ...

A third of wearable users say …

April 7, 2014

Samsung launches its smart watchAt a technical level and with new functionalities that can be explored thanks to it, “wearable technology” is positioned as one of the trends to take into account in the coming years.

It seems not, according to the inquiries of Endeavor Partners itself. This company indicates that a third of users who owned some type of “wearable” have stopped using it in six months. What’s more, half of the owners of devices that allow controlling the activity carried out have already abandoned it.

These figures refer to the US market, but given that the American country is one of the first to attack technology firms when presenting their proposals, it is worth us as a reference of what could happen in the future in other areas. That is, if social motivation, need and habit creation are not improved before, among other guidelines that experts recommend for your success.

via One third of wearable users part with them after six months.

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