A security flaw in iOS 7 leaves the ...

A security flaw in iOS 7 leaves the …

May 6, 2014

IOS versions 7.0.4 and later do not protect email attachments with encryption or encryption systems.

The failure that has already been notified to the company with the bitten apple is being reviewed by Apple, which has already reported that it is “solving the problem” and updating the software to “encrypt the documents” sent through emails. The firm itself has also announced that the security problem detected will be solved with the next version of iOS that it will launch on the market in the coming months.

It is not the first time that Apple has to solve these types of security problems. Last November, it had to act on privacy flaws detected in the iOS 6 operating system with a solution that made the software platform more stable. The update fixed an issue that had resulted in iPhone 5 camera flash crashes. It also included a patch for keyboard screen display issues and passcode lock features, as well as encrypted and related connection issues. with wireless networks.

via A security flaw in iOS 7 makes email attachments accessible.

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