A robot will park your vehicle automatically ...

A robot will park your vehicle automatically …

July 3, 2014

Recently, the Düsseldorf International Airport (DUS), located in Germany, has unveiled a “parking” robot that aims to end the chaos and stress of having to park the car at the airport before taking a flight. The robot, known as Ray, works in a similar way to a forklift and has been manufactured by the Serva Transport company, with the German airport being the first place where it will be officially installed.

Thanks to Ray, travelers will be able to leave their cars as soon as they enter the parking lot within a section specifically created for it, so they will not have to waste their time looking for a free space.

Once they have left the vehicle inside the planned place, they will have to notify their arrival when there are no passengers inside the car through an application available for iOS and Android that must be installed on a smartphone.

Subsequently, Ray will take care of taking the vehicle and parking it in a free space within an area exclusively reserved for customers who have requested this service.

This robot will be permanently connected to the airport’s flight database, so it will know at all times when the customer will return, as well as if there is any kind of delay planned.

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