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A laboratory on the football field

July 1, 2014

ID-100258918Soccer is said to be one of the sports most resistant to the entry of new technologies. While tennis or basketball have enjoyed for years the benefits of video or the ‘hawk’s eye’ to settle complicated plays, this type of initiative comes with a dropper to a show whose councilors try to keep it as similar as possible to how it was at the end 19th century.

But while the essentials of football – twenty-two players, two goals, a ball and a home referee – remain, in everything else he is immersed in a race for innovation and technology. Something that, on the other hand, you would expect from a multi-million dollar business like this.

In parallel to the show, football is also a laboratory for new materials, cameras, statistical programs, artificial intelligence or monitoring systems that improve the performance of each professional player, from their first training session to the final they dream of.

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