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A glitch could crash your Samsung phone and erase …

October 28, 2014

Like other companies, Samsung offers a remote terminal lock service called “Find my mobile” with which to remotely cancel the phone in case of theft or loss. It is a very useful tool, since we can also activate a sound in case we cannot find the phone at home, or delete all its content in emergency situations.

But unfortunately, what should be a help for the user could become a problem, since as reported by NIST and the security expert Mohamed Baset, an exploit would be able to take the remote control of the phone to block it with an unknown PIN code or even delete all content without asking.

All this is what a hacker who knows how to take advantage of that exploit we were talking about could do to us, so for now it is better not to use this feature.

via An exploit could crash your Samsung phone – Engadget in Spanish.

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