A flaw allows you to block WhatsApp from any ...

A flaw allows you to block WhatsApp from any …

December 1, 2014

The most popular messaging service in the world faces a new security risk whereby it would be possible to block the WhatsApp of one of our contacts by means of a simple message. The consequences that this can have would be devastating for the millions of monthly active users that the application has.

As reported in The Hacker News, a new vulnerability discovered would make blocking someone else’s WhatsApp as simple as sending them a specific type of message. The finding has been the work of two security analysts from India, Indrajeet Bhuyan and Saurav Kar, who are only 17 years old, and they have confirmed it to the website that has sounded the alarm.

The dangerous message would consist of 2000 words, which is 2 Kb in size, using a certain type of characters that would cause the application to crash when received by another person. Opening the message means having the application blocked so the only way that seems to have to solve the problem is to completely erase the conversation and the chat history with the sender of the message, with the inconvenience that this can cause.

via A vulnerability allows you to block a friend’s WhatsApp with a message.

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