A deodorant with light, processor and its own app m …

October 29, 2014

In appearance, Clickstick is not very different from a regular deodorant stick. However, there are differences. The first is that the dispenser is actually a separate electronic device. The deodorant comes in simple, recyclable cartridges that are loaded from the top. The first advantage is that the part that is thrown away has much less plastic.

The creators of ClickStick have devised an unusual dispensing system based on its own chip. A button on the back makes the dispenser dispense the required amount of deodorant. That amount is determined by an application for smartphones that calculates the amount to apply based on the user’s age, weight, sex and other physical parameters. If we are not comfortable with the calculation of the application, we can always adjust the amount manually from the mobile.

The application has a second use, and that is to order spare parts online with the push of a button. If we are clueless with hygiene, we can also set alerts to remind us of the next dose. The device is powered by two disposable batteries. Taking into account that its use is sporadic, the creators of the invention assure that the autonomy is around one year.

via ClickStick, a deodorant with light, processor and its own mobile app.

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