A card-sized emergency mobile ...

A card-sized emergency mobile …

October 28, 2014

Talkcase only offers calls and messages. To do this, you need to have a MicroSIM card, which can be your own smartphone, or a different one. The key to the device is the battery, which lasts up to 100 hours on standby, or weeks if we simply charge it and leave the mobile off.

The small screen of the terminal is a monochrome LCD that consumes the minimum necessary battery. As for charging, it is done through contacts on the back and a small MicroUSB compatible housing.

Physically, Talkcase is the size of a bank card. Its thickness of 5.5 millimeters makes it quite affordable to carry without disturbing us. Its creators have also conceived a case in which we can fit the phone to always carry it at hand. The case is available for different smartphone models, and the minimum price to get one of these phones and its accessory is $ 35. The delivery of the first devices is scheduled for December of this year.

via Talkcase, an emergency mobile the size of a bank card.

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