A car with which you will avoid fines exceeding ...

A car with which you will avoid fines exceeding …

March 25, 2015

They have dubbed it “Intelligent Speed ​​Limiter” and Ford will debut this new system in its next S-Max. It is a system that automatically controls the speed of our vehicle, in this case adapting it to the maximum speed allowed on the road on which it is circulating.

To achieve this wonder, it removes fines, Ford has combined the speed control systems that are already commonly available in today’s cars with the cameras placed on the windshield. These have the mission of monitoring traffic signs, reading them and sending a warning to the control system so that, in a subtle way, it modifies the current speed to the new one allowed on that specific section of road.

In order not to depend exclusively on the precision of the cameras that read the traffic signs, Ford will reinforce this detection with the data provided by the GPS and the database associated with the maximum speeds in each section.

Via Ford has a car ready with which you will avoid speeding tickets.

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