8 main dangers that threaten Internet users ...

8 main dangers that threaten Internet users …

September 23, 2014

Visiting only trusted pages and using antimalware software are some of the recommendations that are usually given to avoid infections, but do you know exactly what threats you face when you surf the Internet?

With the popularization of the Internet and the multiplication of connection possibilities from different types of devices, including smartphones and tablet PCs, criminals have found a vein to make their own and earn money.

So much so that Kaspersky Lab warns that “it does not matter what the user does on the Internet” and even “the age of the potential victim, because in the arsenal of cybercriminals there are tricks for everyone.” Specifically, this company speaks of 8 “black beasts” or beasts of the Internet, which should be fought: The 8 main dangers that threaten Internet users.

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