7 (not romantic) Valentine's gifts you can ...

7 (not romantic) Valentine’s gifts you can …

February 14, 2015

As usual, cybercriminals take advantage of special dates to unleash their creativity and manage to spread their threats in the most unusual ways. We are close to Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated each year on February 14; a time when everyone lets out their most romantic side and sends sweet gifts, so we can say that this date will not be the exception.

We have already seen that, over the last few years, there have been a series of romantic malicious codes that managed to infect unsuspecting and falling in love users who, in their excitement to express and receive romantic feelings, fell victim to deception by having “the click too easy”.

Here are 7 classic Valentine’s gifts that a cybercriminal could send you – for malicious purposes, of course.

via Valentine: 7 gifts (not so romantic) that a cybercriminal would give you.

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