6 US cities begin to use «pre-written units ...

6 US cities begin to use «pre-written units …

September 8, 2014

The program is not called Precrimen as in Spielberg’s fiction but Predpol and it is already operating in more than half a dozen American cities after an initial trial in Los Angeles in 2012. When the pilot program began there the chosen area to implement it saw how in a few months property crime was reduced by 9%. Predpol stands for PREDictive POLicing in reference to predictive policing.

The action area is divided into cells equivalent to areas of 150 meters on a side where Predpol’s algorithm predicts that there is a higher percentage of possibilities of committing a crime as well as the possible hours in which they would take place. Police officers are assigned at the beginning of their working hours to preferably patrol these areas when they are not answering calls or assigned services.

Predpol’s “predictions” focus on crimes such as petty theft or car theft and are currently unable to take into account larger-scale robberies

via 6 US cities begin to use “pre-crime units” in the style of “Minority report” – The Inquirer ES.

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