6 steps to follow to disinfect your PC

6 steps to follow to disinfect your PC

March 7, 2014

Malware Viruses Trojans1. “Turn on the PC in safe mode and run a full scan.” For this initial phase that seeks to review the software that is contained in the guts of your computer, it is enough to use a free antimalware tool, since they have the necessary functionalities for this.

2. “Download and install a system rescue tool”, which implies restarting the PC so that it can carry out its mission, which is none other than to completely clean any trace of malware that is found along the way. Upon completion of this recommendation, all evidence should have been removed.

3. The third step would be to investigate the security holes that your computer suffers from and your own control protocol. This is, what are you doing wrong? And it is that once the cleaning is executed, “the important thing now is to know how the virus entered you to prevent it from happening again” either “by a download from a website, through an email or by a free product that you have used ”.

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