50 million to digitally resurrect Paul Walke ...

50 million to digitally resurrect Paul Walke …

May 22, 2014

Digitally resurrect Paul Walker in

It is not the first time that an actor who died during the filming of a movie ends up appearing in it, interpreting scenes that he did not shoot in life, and all thanks to the magic of digital special effects.

But now it is about completely recreating a character who intervenes in various sequences, who will interact with other characters and for which it will be necessary to have planes of the face but also of the body. How is it going to be achieved? And most importantly, how much is it going to cost?

The second question has a simpler answer: $ 50 million. The budget for “The fast and the furious 7” (F & F7) was already quite large, no less than 200 million dollars, but all the additional filming and the digital recreation of Paul Walker raise the final figure by 50 million plus the final figure … and that in the absence of completion, so it could even get more expensive.

Motion capture is carried out by means of a system of three cameras in addition to the main cameras of the shoot and all this managed by one of the digital special effects companies that is causing the most astonishment in recent times on this matter: WETA (“The Lord of the Rings “,” The Hobbit “,” The origin of the planet of the apes “…) has already demonstrated with what capacity the faces of digitally created creatures can give interpretive life. Now the challenge will be to achieve it with the face of a real actor.

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