A 5-year-old boy discovers a security breach in ...

5-year-old boy discovers security flaw on Xbo …

April 4, 2014

Kristoffer Wilhelm von HasselMicrosoft’s security center has a list thanking all the electronic security experts who have helped uncover cracks and flaws in the company’s online systems. That list has a new name: Kristoffer Wilhelm von Hassel, a boy of only five years old.

The von Hassel family, as good responsible parents, activated the parental control system of the Xbox One to prevent little Kristoffer from seeing too violent content, but they did not count on the curiosity of their son.

Basically, what the little von Hassel has discovered is how to access a password-protected Xbox One account. It’s as easy as typing the wrong password, and then typing spaces the same number of times as the characters in the password. Microsoft itself has confirmed the existence of the vulnerability, and has already corrected it.

via A 5-year-old boy discovers a security flaw on the Xbox One.

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