5 recommendations to ensure the safety of your ...

5 recommendations to ensure the safety of your …

June 17, 2014

Huawei works on a 64-bit octa-core processorSmartphones today are important databases for each of their users. If at some point the device is lost or abandoned somewhere, owners are generally in a tight spot, not only because of the time and money they would have to invest in buying a new phone, but because of the risk of invasion to the phone. privacy running.

To avoid this situation, Huawei Device Venezuela offers several solutions, among which are screen locks, already included as a function in cell phones, and the creation of backup copies of important content such as photos and relevant files. With these points, you can protect your identity when using the device and avoid bad experiences:

  • Locks and keys: Huawei recommends that you use your phone’s key functions and PIN code to secure your equipment. Generate keys with combinations that are not easy to guess and set the phone to lock after a few minutes when not in use
  • Applications: Make sure that the applications you use do not save your account data, thus avoiding that in case of theft of the equipment, unwanted people from connecting automatically. Enter username and password manually each time it is required
  • Data: Never save passwords and confidential data in the contact book or as text
  • Accounts: Prefer applications from certified software development companies. To manage your bank account, use the official applications specifically developed by your bank.
  • • Installations: Be alert to the installation of new software on your device. Avoid downloading or installing programs if you don’t know what they are about

Security and privacy come first, which is why Huawei recommends following these simple tips and applying them whenever you use your devices. The devices are your great ally, so the ideal is to enjoy the day to day without the equipment becoming a concern or can put you in trouble.

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