47% of Colombians prefer to go out alone in their ...

47% of Colombians prefer to go out alone in their …

October 28, 2014

Selfies are a trend that has taken over the world, where even global leaders have been part of this fever. Exhibiting moments of private life on the web has become a very relevant form of expression to obtain recognition and approval from the people of the social nucleus where we operate. For this reason, LINE conducted a survey of 45,367 users of its platform in Latin America, in order to gain an in-depth understanding of preferences when taking Selfies.

In countries like Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador, people take between one and three selfies per day, without leaving aside that this is a growing photographic trend in these countries. Likewise, the results revealed that Mexico is the country where Selfies are taken the most, since 17% of the people surveyed affirm that they take 8 selfies per day, obtaining an advantage of 3% compared to countries such as Argentina and Chile.

“Selfies are a worldwide phenomenon that we have all been embracing in our lives; At LINE we wanted to create a tool like the B612 application focused on this type of photography, which helps our users to take the best selfie more simply and easily. In addition, just by touching the screen, a filter is chosen and the selfie is ready to share ”. Juan Camilo Gómez, Digital Marketing Specialist for LINE, pointed out.

LINE_InfografiaIn Colombia, 47% of the people surveyed answered that they preferred to go out alone in their selfies, while 44% stated that they preferred to go out with their partner or friends. Regarding the favorite places and occasions to take Selfies, 56% of the Colombians surveyed stated that they chose vacation destinations (30%) or parties they attend (26%) as a background for their self-portraits. The options with the least level of choice for the respondents consisted of Selfies at school, university or in front of a mirror.

LINE also found out which was the preferred form of editing for users of its platform. The results revealed that in countries like Colombia, the chosen way to accompany Selfies are the filters that make the self-portrait more fun and original, followed by the self-correcting image. On the other hand, with an average of 11%, all the countries surveyed stated that the least used technique was the addition of accessories to decorate their Selfies.

Today, there are various tools that work to capture, edit and share Selfies. Applications like LINE’s B612 allow you to put aside all the unnecessary features that other networks use and focus on the capture of the best Selfies; everything that is needed to achieve a fun, original self-portrait according to the users’ requirements.

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