«430 ZARA Gift Cards» New hoax on Faceb ...

«430 ZARA Gift Cards» New hoax on Faceb …

January 12, 2015

Have you received an invitation from a Facebook friend to join an event in which 430 Zara Gift Cards are raffled? Don’t fall … It’s a hoax!

For a few days, we have seen how our Facebook wall has been filled with this comment: “Thank you ZARA”. Why? Because it is one of the requirements to join the event.

According to its organizers, these are the steps to enter the draw:

  1. Click Participate.
  2. Invite 50 friends.
  3. Comment below: Thank you ZARA.

How can we avoid these types of scams? Use common sense. Check the url: Is it related to the brand it claims to be? Do not give personal data. Be suspicious of the source. Even if a contact or friend has sent us the link or invited to the event… Is there any reference to it on the official page? In the case of Zara we see that not, alert all your friends!

via «430 ZARA Gift Cards». New hoax on Facebook! – Media Center Spain.

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