4 megabytes connection only reaches 2% of i …

November 18, 2014

Currently, internet penetration in Venezuela is around 50% of the population, of which 98% corresponds to a connection of less than 1 megabyte and only about 2% corresponds to a speed of 4 megabytes, as stated by the communications coordinator and Gumilla Center networks, Luis Carlos Díaz.

In the Fedecámaras Vision 2015 event, Díaz explained that in Venezuela in recent years telecommunications have suffered a deterioration, along with other sectors of the economy.

Díaz explained that another factor that affects the internet in Venezuela is bandwidth, stating that it is not only necessary to take into account how many people are connecting to the internet but at what speed they do so.

He reported that in 2012 and 2013 it was said that Venezuela was the slowest country on the continent below Bolivia and Haiti, such a situation, according to Díaz, is due to the fact that a country like Bolivia turned out to be a particular case in telecommunications, because despite not having access to the sea and therefore not having a submarine cable, and having a very complicated geography, the Bolivians what they could not with cables, they solved it with telephone antennas.

The expert indicates that for two and a half years in La Paz, Santa Cruz and other cities, there is a 4G signal that allows connections of more than 20 megabytes, while Venezuela does not have a connection of 4 megabytes in any city commercially.

Via 4 mega connection only reaches 2% of internet users in Venezuela – FinanzasDigital.

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