4.5 million personal data stolen in one of the ...

4.5 million personal data stolen in one of the …

August 19, 2014

A new theft of personal data has returned to star in the news scene these days. The stolen data amounts to a not inconsiderable number of 4.5 million and the entity that a group of Chinese cybercriminals have predictably usurped is Community Health Systems, one of the largest hospital groups in the United States, which manages 206 hospitals in 29 states . The organization thinks that they could have been Chinese hackers because this has been indicated by the Mandiant security group, which is part of the FireEye company, and which sees a way of operating in this attack very similar to that carried out in other cases by an acquaintance group of cybercriminals from the Asian country.

The attack actually occurred a few months ago, in April and June of this year, as reported by the hospital group, which is now making this fact known to its affected patients.

According to the entity, patient names, addresses, dates of birth, telephone number and social security numbers were stolen, in no case, always according to Community Health Systems, have electronic medical records or credit card numbers been stolen. The object, therefore, of this theft by cybercriminals aims to be able to carry out identity theft with the extracted data. The FBI has confirmed to Reuters that it is currently investigating this security breach.

via 4.5 million personal data stolen from one of the largest hospital groups in the US | TICbeat.

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