360Fly is GoPro's new rival that shoots in 360 g ...

360Fly is GoPro’s new rival that shoots in 360 g …

May 26, 2014

360flyEyeSee 360 ​​is an unknown company in consumer electronics, but it is a veteran with 16 years of experience in the industrial and military markets. Its specialty is panoramic cameras, and that is precisely what for its debut in the domestic market, an action camera in the line of the GoPro, but with panoramic recording.

The camera is called 360Fly, and it has a curious design in the shape of a faceted sphere. Although it can be used by hand, it is intended to be attached to a tripod or universal mount. The lens is at the top, and it is capable of taking 360-degree horizontal and 240-degree vertical video or panoramas.

via 360Fly, GoPro’s new rival records in 360 degrees.

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