Telegram suffers DDoS attack globally

$ 300,000 for those who crack Telegram

November 6, 2014

They discover security flaw in TelegramThe instant messaging service Telegram, developed by the creators of the social network VK, has launched a contest to test the security of its platform. The prize: $ 300,000 for whoever manages to crack Telegram’s encryption.

As explained by those responsible for Telegram, in this contest, hackers assume the role of a malicious entity that wants to take full control of both the communication lines and Telegram’s own servers. Participants have until February 4, 2015.

Its objective is to extract sensitive data (an email address) from a secret chat between two alleged users, named Nick and Paul.

If any of the participants manages to decrypt the messages sent through Telegram, they only have to send an email to the secret address extracted from one of the messages, explaining in detail the attack protocol, in order to confirm that Telegram has been cracked and claim your $ 300,000.

via $ 300,000 for those who crack Telegram.

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