servicios de videojuegos por suscripción

30% of US consumers already use subscription gaming platforms

The subscription services are the order of the day. Over time, we have gone from watching movies and series on television or the conventional Internet to being subscribed to platforms such as Netflix or HBO, something that has also been transferred to the world of video games, where we now find services such as EA Access, PlayStation Now, Xbox Game Pass, or Uplay Plus.

subscription video game services

All these services offer us practically the same thing: many hours of play with a good variety of titles for a modest monthly subscription, which can also be annual. Now, a new study conducted among consumers of U.S reflects an interesting reality: more than 30 percent of gamers are already subscribed to one of these platforms.

The mentioned percentage reflects the current situation of all consumers, and also shows us that the 53 percent of users under 35 have a subscriptionTherefore, the new generations prefer this type of market to the ‘traditional’ one. This is an increase from last year’s figure, which was around 44 percent of users under 35 years of age. In addition, another interesting fact is that around the 60 percent of multiplatform gamers have a subscription, but only the 20 percent of PC gamers they have it.

via: PCGamesN