30 and a half million cell lines exist in ...

30 and a half million cell lines exist in …

February 26, 2015

Mobile telephony remains the leader in the telecommunications sector in Venezuela, due to the fact that 52 out of every 100 bolivars of operating income are contributed by telephone companies, according to the report on the behavior of the sector in the fourth quarter of 2014 , released this Tuesday by the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel).

In Venezuela, 101 mobile lines are active for every 100 inhabitants, so that in the country there are 30,528,022 subscriptions in the different mobile phone companies, among which 12,512,167 have a data plan service for Internet connection.

Regarding fixed telephony, in the aforementioned period 7,808,524 subscriptions were registered, an indicator that increased 1.2%, compared to the same period in 2013.

Likewise, subscription television grew 12%, incorporating 483,383 new subscribers in the 2013-2014 period. Currently, there are 4,647,614 subscriptions for this service throughout the national territory.

At the end of 2014, 15,960,691 Internet users were registered, says the report, and details that this figure includes users with access to mobile phone data networks.

via Conatel: 30.5 million cell phone lines exist in the country.

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