3 functions that maybe you did not know that your Android can ...

3 functions that maybe you did not know that your Android can …

May 29, 2014

Woman taking photo with cell phoneWhen it comes to Android we always have the same things in mind: Take photos, call, connect to social networks … but many times we do not realize to what extent we could take more advantage of the capabilities of our equipment. Today we will give you 3 functions that exploit functions, perhaps little used, of this operating system.

One of the devices that with the rise of smartphones has passed away is the compass. It is clear that professionals and experts will continue to use them, but to get out of trouble and know where the north is, we can always turn to our Android. The application 3D Compass (AR Compass) It is more than a compass and it works perfectly thanks to the use it makes of the accelerometer of our mobile. Combine in the window, an augmented reality vision with a map that also gives you your exact location.

Google Googles allows you to recognize images and objects. It is an application that has been in Android almost since its inception. However, for one reason or another, the search engine has never given it the weight it deserves. We just have to open the app, focus with our camera on any logo or object and thanks to the search and comparison with its database, it will offer us the result. Be it a bottle of water, a classic monument, a brand, a work of art or a movie, by focusing our Android Google Googles it will recognize what is in front of us and will offer us all the information we need.

Android can be the heart of all our activity. Not only this, but thanks to powerful applications like Tasker, we have a whole series of options to leave the whole day scheduled. At first it must be said that the application, due to its complexity, is difficult to master. It is based mainly on 2 variables: Profiles and Tasks, both complemented. Profiles are circumstances, contexts or actions that must or may occur, whether in our use of the telephone, location, time of day and more. Tasks are the actions that we want the mobile to perform, or the settings that we want to be modified. For example with Tasker we could set an alarm for when we are in a specific location.

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