2nd Medical Laser Meeting in Venezuela ¬ęBenefits ...

2nd Medical Laser Meeting in Venezuela ¬ęBenefits …

October 21, 2014

LASER TATTOO REMOVAL 2Eliminate spots, erase tattoos, depilate different areas of the body and rejuvenate the face by stimulating the formation of collagen, are not the only objectives of the laser.

For the second consecutive year, national and international experts meet to present their experiences in laser matter, the tool that has changed paradigms in the protocols of many conventional medical treatments.

The use of laser and light for therapeutic purposes, both in medical and surgical practice, is constantly evolving, this requires a continuous update of knowledge to ensure effective exercise and avoid incidents due to misapplication.

Simultaneously, the ‚Äú2nd. Venezuelan Laser Encounter, the 2nd. Day of Laser in Dermatocosmetics and the 3rd Venezuelan Symposium of Cosmetogynecology ‚ÄĚ, meetings that will allow participants to be at the top of laser updates and research in the medical field, showing techniques and advances that will be very useful for your daily consultation. Assures the President of the Scientific Committee of the Event, Dr. Katiuska Rivera, Specialist in Photomedicine and its Dermatoesthetic applications.

Dr. Rivera adds: ‚ÄúIn Venezuela there is no other conference that presents such condensed and new information within the practice of medical laser, aimed at graduates and medical students. The projection is to include researchers and professionals who are experts in the technological and photobiology area ‚ÄĚ. It is an opportunity that Venezuelan doctors have to update themselves without the need to leave the country.

The College of Physicians of the Metropolitan District of Caracas, in Santa Fe, from November 13 to 15, will be the meeting place for experts from Spain, Canada, Colombia and Chile, who together with Venezuelan specialists will share their laser research .

The specialist clarifies that the laser is not a panacea. ‚ÄúIt is an instrument that has additional benefits to conventional treatments, it serves to manage pathologies that previously did not have such a precise and specialized approach. But it is necessary to incorporate it properly because this equipment is inherent to medical use. They are not tools of a commercial commercial nature. It has scientific foundations that can do a lot of good, but due to ignorance they can also cause negative effects. “


“The laser is the tool that eventually every gynecologist will have in his office … just as he has an echo, a colposcope or a radiofrequency, the gynecologist will offer photon therapy to his patients.” Assures Dr. Jorge Gaviria, Cosmetogynecologist, member of the Scientific Committee of the Event, who explains that laser technology improves the appearance of female genitalia.

The use of the laser in the female pelvis and the lower genital tract allows to carry out protocols in consultation without having to enter the operating room, it offers better results in anatomical repairs, hyperpigmentation, spots, hairs, incontinence, sexual gratification. In the surgical area, it reduces the complications of classic cold scalpel surgery. It offers improvement in surgical time and less bleeding thanks to the thermal effect.


The branch of photomedicine that deals with the study of low-power lasers will be included in this year’s program. Doctors Slava Kim and Gerry Ross, Canadian physicians who are members of the North American Society for Laser Therapy, will provide the fundamental information for the clinical practice of this subdiscipline.

The low-power laser has both medical and surgical applications and has been shown to be effective in tissue regeneration, wound and pain rehabilitation, among other applications.

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