20% of smartphone breakdowns occur ...

20% of smartphone breakdowns occur …

December 27, 2013

cell phonesIt is not only the connection problems and cosmetic damage suffered by smartphones that are a serious setback for smartphone users. According to a study published by MovilQuick, 20% of the failures suffered by the terminals are located in the device software and most of these technical failures are due to poor handling of the device by users.

Among the main factors causing technical failures in these devices is erroneous updates to operating systems that account for 83% of the number of technical failures recorded by the study.

The misuse of the terminals is specified with the use of exhausted batteries, the unnecessary restart of the terminal without having to during the system update, as well as the lack of knowledge of the correct way to update the terminal. “All these are the main reasons why the user goes to the technical service with problems not directly related to the hardware,” says the study.

via 20% of breakdowns in smartphones occur in software.

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