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2 tools to know if a web page is inf …

April 10, 2014

heartbleed2The Heartbleed security breach is not just anything and some reports already claim that two thirds of the world’s websites have been vulnerable to this virus.

In a page where they break down the details of the bug, the researchers explain that it allows any attacker to take advantage of this breach in the protection system of any website or online service to seize passwords, credit card data and conversations, and even to impersonate a legitimate website and thus mislead users.

After knowing the news, different pages contributed mostly by the community of developers and programmers have appeared at lightning speed, through which and in a very simple way, just by entering the address of the page in the search engine, you can know if your page has been infected. We present two of them:

via 2 tools to know if your page is infected with Heartbleed | TICbeat.

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