19-year-old creates first «smart gun» ...

19-year-old creates first «smart gun» …

October 14, 2016

The weapon developed by Kai Kloepfer, a young American only 19 years old, has something special: it can only be unlocked with the fingerprint of its owner, so that it would be impossible for a thief or a stranger who found it on the street to be able to shoot it.

The pistol has been unveiled at the San Francisco Smart Weapons Symposium. Kloepfer has spent four years developing the fingerprint sensor weapon and turned down a position at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – one of the most reputable in the US – to establish a company, Biofire, create several prototypes and create an arsenal of pistols that they unlock like a smartphone.

In theory, the gun can store up to 999 different fingerprints inside and is not connected to the Internet, making it impossible to hack it remotely. There could always be some way to breach your security, but compared to a conventional weapon, it would be safer.

Source: The first ‘smart gun’ with a fingerprint detector

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