12 technological inventions your kids won't know ...

12 technological inventions your kids won’t know …

March 8, 2014

VHS tape

The list of gadgets that were part of our lives and that our children will not know, nor will they understand why we used them, or how they worked, is longer than this one, but we better leave it this size, because our ID is going to fall out. .

Cassette: the creation of Phillips in the 60s, it was the first medium that allowed music to be recorded at home. Its popularity extended between the decades of the 70 and the 80. With the arrival of the XXI century its use was declining, and it was replaced by the CD, whose format is also disappearing.

Photographic roll: The flexible film that allowed us to capture the best moments of our lives, today is missing. The arrival of digital formats ended up eliminating the “roll”, which many times due to little care or bad luck spoiled our photographs.

Discman: The evolution of the Walkman, had less time to heyday. The arrival of the Mp3 made it disappear from the market immediately.

Fax: It was in all offices and some homes, the creation of data transmission was created in 1964 and it was a very useful tool at that time. Today, with the advent of the internet and the ease of sending information, it simply disappeared.

Typewriter: Mechanical, electromechanical or electronic. It ceased to exist with the advent of computers. Today it is only used in some homes as ornamentation.

Answering machine: The device created in 1935 as a conversation recorder, disappeared when the answering service was left in the hands of the operating companies.

SMS: During the 90’s and part of the 2000, they were used by everyone. Today with the arrival of the mobile internet, WhatsApp and others, almost no one uses them anymore.

Walkman: Sony’s invention shocked the world. Carrying music everywhere, weightless and very resistant was the best. Today and with the arrival of mp3, mp4 and iPod, just hardly anyone uses it.

Floppy disk: Floppy disks created in 1969 allowed the transfer of small files in computing, today they are no longer used and have been replaced by digital storage systems and sent over the internet. Your child will never know that you were trading games on floppy disk.

Handheld calculator: Although some professionals continue to use it, they are the minority. Telephones have the option included and fewer and fewer buy a “calculator” just for helping you with the bills.

Virtual pet: This little invention entertained many for a long time, today it is just a memory. Although there are improved versions of the game such as the well-known Pou, the Tamagotchi has disappeared.

Vhs: The invention marketed by Panasonic, was the revolution of home movies. You used it to record television and reproduce everything you liked. With the advent of DVD and then the internet, VHS is nothing more than a relic at home.

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