105 years of El Universal: The Internet in Venezuela ...

105 years of El Universal: The Internet in Venezuela …

April 1, 2014

The universalEl Universal will not publish its traditional anniversary edition (105 years) until further notice due to the dramatic crisis of paper and graphic supplies that the country is going through. In its editorial today, the centennial Venezuelan newspaper informs the public that despite the circumstances, its internet sites EUTV.net, eluniversal.com and the rest of the platforms will continue to fulfill their mission.

The Internet in Venezuela has had to fill the absence of traditional media, printed media drowned by a shortage of paper deliberately caused by the government, and radio stations by a government censorship that threatens to remove the concession from channels and stations that try to break the blackout informative.

Given this scenario, for now, we only have the internet, but that window of freedom is not as big as many think. Its penetration and quality of connection in the national territory, together with the particularities of the medium to obtain the news that not everyone dominates, means that the news coverage in Venezuela is dim, barely lit by candles.

You can read the editorial below:

Although history is studied in periods, it is written day after day and this is what The universal, with issues like the one you are reading right now, it has delivered to four generations of Venezuelans over more than a century. More than a century informing Venezuelans and the world, more than a century writing the first draft of history, more than a century as an objective critic of the events and builder of the life of the country. The universal Up to 105 years after being founded in the midst of tumultuous days, but clinging to the democratic principles and libertarian ideals expressed in its first editorial in 1909. Fulfilling its role, the country has been informed about events that marked milestones, the death of Gómez, the World Wars, the arrival of Man on the Moon, Dolly the sheep or the fall of the Berlin Wall, as well as daily events of fleeting relevance.Our commitment has always been to present information in the most objective, professional, complete and timely manner. . In return, Venezuela has given us its trust, its support, its recognition. And this is how we have all been writing history. Today we share difficult times, going through the most serious economic, social and political crisis in recent history. In the framework of a deep-rooted economic crisis, there is a conflict characterized by the leadership of young students and different sectors that make life in the country who manifest the discontent and the social and economic claim of a large part of Venezuelans. Citizen security, economic stability, progress, supply, a true democracy, real plurality and effective participation are demanded, among other factors. But the demonstrations that range from street protests with clear demands have been mixed with a repressive State policy generating death, destruction and innumerable human rights violations, in addition to judicial processes not in accordance with the law or legal procedures. . It is not necessary to place greater emphasis on the situation to conclude that there are probably worse moments from which we hope we can learn and that will allow the country to point to a better future, as a result of this complicated situation that includes a dramatic crisis of paper and graphic supplies , The universal It will not publish its traditional anniversary edition until further notice. Nevertheless, EUTV.net, eluniversal.com and the rest of the platforms will continue to fulfill their mission.

Please take this opportunity to deeply thank readers and advertisers on behalf of the board of directors, employees, journalists and managers for the full support they give every day to The universal.

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