🤖 Amazon begins tests of its first robot m ...

🤖 Amazon begins tests of its first robot m …

January 23, 2019

Amazon announces that it is taking to the streets for the first time “Scout”, an autonomous robot designed to make Prime deliveries in small neighborhoods. As of today, six Amazon Scout robots are available for delivery in Snohomish County, Washington, as I mentioned, for Prime deliveries that same day. According to the company, the robots are autonomous, electric, run on rechargeable batteries and have sensors to navigate the streets and avoid obstacles, cross streets and identify people and animals.

According to Amazon, the new Scout robots are the average size of an ice chest and move at very low speed, however, they do not specify how it works at the time of deliveries, and there is no talk about whether the robot will be able to carry packages for more than one person.

Amazon ensures that these robots are completely autonomous, but during this testing period they will be accompanied by an Amazon employee who will be there to verify that everything goes well and that there are no problems.

Source: Amazon begins testing of ‘Scout’, its first autonomous messenger robot to hit the streets to deliver packages

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