🚧 The first community of professionals is born in ...

🚧 The first community of professionals is born in …

April 27, 2018

Starting next May 14, the Venezuelan public will be able to access the new APETOI portal, a digital space that offers endless options for all those users who seek to hire the best professional construction, repair or remodeling service. This original idea, without competitors in the country, is presented as a national undertaking, where Internet users can navigate the page quickly and easily to contract services such as plumbing, carpentry, fumigation, electricity, blacksmithing, among others, in a way secure, from a database with verified professionals.

In APETOI, which means “Your friend” in the Pemón indigenous language, anyone can enter and request a service without the platform charging any type of percentage or tax. Just by describing your case through short and easy questions, you will have the ability to connect, contact, and opt for a quote.

To use the platform, the user must register at www.apetoi.com, identify the problem they have in their home or office and request a quote. At that time the professionals will issue you three quotes in real time to choose the one that best suits your quality-price requirements. Finally, you can contract the service for free, with the assurance that it is a verified professional and available as quickly as possible. After work, you can rate so other users can see your experience with the professional.

If the user wants immediate attention, APETOI also allows them to make direct contact with the professional from the first moment, since in any of the options they will have access to an online chat, where both parties can specify the type of work to be carried out and the specifications required to carry it out.

Among the main advantages offered by this dynamic Web page, its verification system stands out, which ensures the user is contacting a true professional. In addition, an advanced verification is in the process of launching with greater benefits for both clients and professionals.

This Marketplace of services is being directed by Armando Goncalves and Javier Fernandes who express that APETOI arose from the need to have a place dedicated to the search for professionals, as well as the desire to dignify this type of workers of great importance in the day to day day.

The faith of this company in the country has led them to bet on it. APETOI workers identify themselves as people who advance, grow and believe in a society that can go beyond the current difficulties.

APETOI is an example that Venezuelan talent has export quality. For the second half of 2018, the platform has plans to expand to countries such as Mexico and Colombia. In the latter market, thanks to the fact that they were winners of the Impact Hub Scaling Program, which helps small businesses to scale successfully through mentoring.

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