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December 7, 2018

The WordPress web content management platform has been updated to version 5.0, bringing important changes for content management and with a much more ‘visual’ design to adapt it to various use cases. This represents the first major update of 2018 for the platform and the most important in several years. The most momentous change in WordPress 5.0 lies in its new block-based editor, Gutenberg, which offers a radical change in the way content creators interact with their blogs and websites.

Image by David MG via Shutterstock

The update is called “Bebo”, in honor of the Cuban pianist Bebo Valdés. Unlike the editors and plugins used in other web content management software, Gutenberg relies on WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), a computer phrase designated to word processors with formatting where what is typed it looks exactly like the end result. In this sense, WordPress will now be more flexible in relation to design, allowing content to be easily reformatted on screen devices and various sizes.

Gutenberg is based on block editing, meaning that from now on, users can add, organize and edit multimedia content regardless of their level of technical knowledge on the subject. The goal of this type of editing is that the blocks can be used to simplify the tedious process of creating content, as well as to replace custom HTML, URL pasting to insert videos, and shortcodes.

Although WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” changes the rules of the game, this does not mean that everyone will have to rely on its editor. Those who so wish will be able to stick with the classic editor, as there will still be compatibility for a few years.

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