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December 4, 2018

Microsoft throws in the towel. After having buried the maligned Internet Explorer and converted it to Edge, it seems that the effort invested along the way has not translated into a great improvement in the daily use of the millions of people who use a Windows 10 machine. The result? Forget Edge and its own EdgeHTML rendering engine to make the leap to one based on Chromium, like the one used by the world’s most popular browser.

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This is revealed from Windows Central, where they talk about Microsoft’s strategic withdrawal from its project with Edge and the construction of a new web browser that will be natively integrated into the operating system of the Redmond technology company. Although this new software will be based on Chromium, it is still unknown if the company will also give Edge a different name, which will become the system’s default browser once finished.

The problems related to compatibility and stability have been a constant since the arrival of Edge, mainly due to the great dominance of Chrome in the main platforms and the consequent optimization that it entails in favor of this browser and to the detriment of the others. Thus, between the problems experienced and the little traction that Microsoft has managed to generate with the new version of its browser, the most sensible step seems to be the one taken and turning the direction to Chromium.

The project, known internally as Anaheim … Microsoft will replace Edge in Windows 10 with a Chrome-based browser

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