🕹 Online video games change the loneliness of u ...

🕹 Online video games change the loneliness of u …

May 17, 2018

The 70s marked the appearance of the first video games aimed at the general public. Titles like Computer Space or Atari Pong, inaugurated the first arcade machines that worked with coins. Shortly after, video games would reach homes thanks to home consoles. In the beginning, electronic titles only allowed one or two people to interact within a game using controls in front of a television, but the massification of the internet changed everything.

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With the advent of networks and then the internet, the world of videogames changed the lonely adolescent room for an unlimited global sphere of interaction. World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Counter Strike, and the most recent and successful Fornite, have boosted the participation of online players, without forgetting games Within the casino category, they also attract a large following.

Online video games are titles played via the internet regardless of the platform. It can be multiplayer video games, in which you play remotely with other people or video games that run in the browser without having to install them on the computer, as is the case with traditional PC titles.

Playing from a distance but with a lot of people

The possibility of using a computer to play on local networks began in the universities in 1979. But the true revolution of network games began in 1993 with the arrival of the internet in homes. Thanks to the “information superhighway”, users had for the first time the possibility of free access to reduced versions of computer video games for basically promotional purposes, as was the case with the first installment of Doom. In addition, the rapid adoption of the Internet as a means of entertainment facilitated the network connection of gamers and their approach to society.

With the evolution of advanced internet technologies for the time such as Flash and Java in the 1990s, there was an explosion in the use of the Internet with millions of new sites that offered great opportunities for interactive computing and games among users. Internet users.

The most recent step on the path of online video games is starring Fortnite. In his game mode Battle royale This free-to-play title supports up to 100 players, singles or in squads of up to four people, attempting to be the last person or team standing while hunting down other players and avoiding being killed.

Despite being free, Fortnite offers certain optional enhancements that can be purchased with money and according to the app analytics firm Sensor Tower This multiplatform game only during its first month available for iPad and iPhone, raised 25 million dollars, a figure that doubled in just two weeks.

It was definitely good for the video game world to leave the room.

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