🕶 My VR virtual reality viewers with tech ...

🕶 My VR virtual reality viewers with tech …

May 31, 2018

Xiaomi presented virtual reality headsets in collaboration with Oculus. These Mi VR are based on the concept of Plug and play and do not need cables, coming with a built-in battery. The maximum resolution at which we can reproduce content in these glasses is 2K and it will incorporate a 2600 mAh battery with a dedicated remote for connection.

These scopes have a 2K resolution screen with Fast Switch technology, an optical modulation system that increases detail and angle of view and reduces the feeling of dizziness and lag. Of course, this device will be compatible with various platforms and also has its own platform in which, according to Xiaomi itself, we can enjoy more than 1 000 games in virtual reality.

These virtual reality headsets will be sold in two versions:

  • 32 GB: its price will be about 230 dollars.
  • 64 GB: its price will be about 280 dollars.

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