📱 The incredible use we give to our tea ...

📱 The incredible use we give to our tea …

August 21, 2018

The cell phone has become so essential in our lives that we no longer even stop to think about what is going all the time we spend on it, because yes, it goes for hours there. In general, smartphones (or smartphones) are used to circumvent several key activities of daily life, such as informing us about health issues, accessing educational information, or even looking for a job. They are also widely used to follow the most important news of the day, and also to share information about what is happening in our community.

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Today’s phones also help us navigate through the urban jungle, help us avoid the most traffic-congested areas if we are driving. But they also help us to use public transport, they give us the schedules and routes of trains and buses to get to our destination faster.

It is the youngest who have integrated smartphones into their daily activities, to the point of producing feelings of happiness and productivity. But there is also the other side of the coin, since they can feel distracted or frustrated after taking a look at the bright screen.

Being online is no longer necessarily associated with a computer, cables, mouse, keyboard, screen, and other hardware and accessories. The vast majority of us access the virtual world through our phones predominantly to carry out a large number of activities, which also include leisure and fun.

For example, there are the streaming services for series and movies that have become so popular that they have bankrupted video stores. Services such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon are already part of the daily life of millions of people in the world, the content was made available to everyone, it is enough to have a cell phone and an Internet connection.

And the fact is that the cell phone brings us all the fun that for geographical or logistical reasons was almost impossible to enjoy. How many of us do not dream of one day having the money to travel to a tourist destination that has casinos, now on the phone we have access to a live casino 24 hours a day and without even taking off our pajamas.

The use of the cell phone saves us time, trips that were once inevitable and tedious. For example, we can already do all our banking transactions through applications. Likewise, most of our payments are made through websites or the institutions’ apps themselves, in a matter of seconds we do something that would have taken us hours to do without the telephone or Internet access.

We do not know what the limit is or what is next for the cell phone, perhaps in a few years it will be an obsolete object because we have a chip implanted in the brain that performs the same and even more functions. Only time has an answer to that question, but what is certain is that without the telephone we do not know how to live.

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